70 South Showroom at 70 SouthA Most Happy, Successful and Healthy New Year, To All.

A New Year brings about opportunities to grow and change. At 70 South Print & Gallery, we are making changes so we can grow and provide more to our new and old customers.

Moving Forward:

As of January 31, 2019, we are moving to a new location. This new location, in Morristown, which will be announced shortly, will allow us to remain a mainstay in the community and to continue servicing customers in an exceptional manner. We will continue to work with you on your projects until this move occurs and ask for your patience and understanding as we make these changes.

During this time period, we are looking to the extended community to help us in finding a long-term solution in a vibrant and growing Morristown. Ted and Beth Baldanzi have been exceptional owners and investors in making what we have done together possible. As they transition out of this role, we are looking to have discussions with anyone that is interested in partnering with us to ensure that 70 South Print & Gallery continues to be a beacon for art in Morristown, Morris County and beyond.


With your support, we have had an amazing run at 70 South Street. We have been able to carry on the legacy that was started with Sandrian Camera. We have also successfully brought an increased vitality of Art to Morristown and all it offers.

Spirit Exhibition SampleDuring our time at our current location, we have hosted 21 exhibitions and showcased the work of professional and amateur artists. Our themed exhibitions Photographing American History gave our extended community the opportunity to illustrate how photography has helped tell the story of our American experience. Our Spirit Exhibition, featured portraits of the in-country locals from current and returned Pease Corps volunteers from around the world. This was also the launch point for our Spirit Discovery Days where neighboring schools brought their students in to see the exhibition and use it as a learning tool for core curriculum in geography, social sciences and art. And most recently we were the 1st gallery in NJ to feature the acclaimed work of Vivian Maier; which has been exhibited around the world.

Our mission to feature at least one high-school student with every exhibition, has assisted in continuing the creative spark for the next generation of artists- giving them, in many cases, their first opportunity to have their work exhibited. Selected from both public and private schools, their work has been exceptional and captivating. Many of our graduating exhibitors have gone on to continue pursuing photography either professionally or as a way to express their creative voice.

Band playing at 70 South GalleryWe have hosted countless group discussions with artists and the public to help others get an insiders view of the creative process and to be inspired. This summer we partnered with the Mayo Performing Arts Center as part of the Art’s in the Community program, hosting as series of diverse cultural events where our attendance was standing room only! We have held classes on photography so others can take their skills from capture to editing for printing to another level. We hosted yoga and other wellness classes to assist the community in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We helped preserve thousands of family treasures by digitizing them and ensuring that they can be enjoyed by families for years to come. We have provided the know how and expertise in putting together photo books that will be handed down from generation to generation. We have expertly, and in an archival manner, framed your most valuable and prized photographs and possessions. We have been a trusted source for traditional artists in accurately reproducing their artwork and allowing them to have giclées of their work.

In our Studio, we have taken headshots and family portraits of hundreds of individuals in the community who were looking to have a superior professional look for their businesses or to simply make sure that there is a shot of the family together, marking a memorable moment in time.

The gallery has been the space some of you have used to celebrate the many milestone events in your lives – birthday parties, wedding showers, and even a marriage proposal!

Taking the sum of all of this together, we have, more importantly created a thriving community of like-minded people that love photography and the arts. We have helped put Morristown on the map as a destination for art and it’s other treasures.

We want to thank you for supporting us for these four plus years and look forward to your continued support as we transition into our new space and beyond. Please remember you may also be a partner in a business that helps Morristown grow and flourish into the future; giving you a unique opportunity to welcome and interact with an ever widening and diverse gathering of people.

Feel free to contact me directly about opportunities to be a partner in helping to shape our next chapter.


Ira L. Black
Gallery Director

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