Caitlin Gethins

Caitlin Gethins HeadshotI am a high school student who is also an artist that focuses mainly on photography and graphic design. I’ve always tried different mediums of art from drawing to painting, until I nally fell in love with photography my freshman year of high school. Once I learned how to use Photoshop I started to get into more Adobe apps to try and learn as much as I could. I took my love of photography and combined it with my love of editing to create new realistic and unrealistic images. Taking a photois only a part of my art. But being able to edit it and help enhance the picture to either an unimaginable world or just x the colors, shadows or highlights is what makes me love it even more. My photos presented are a part of this idea where you can go to the same place and take a picture in almost the same spot, but it will most likely look different than last time.

I’m the kind of person that will sit on the oor inside with my backdoor open watching the rain fall hard and have my camera around my neck capturing whatever my eye draws to. Photography is a part of me that always makes me see the world in a different way. Nature was one thing that always attracted me. It there’s moss on a wall or I’m up in the mountains with a view that never ends, I will always have my camera or phone to capture the moment. And that’s what I did by taking pictures in the same location for three years straight always focusing on the view and clouds while silhouetting the trees and bushes.

Tennessee is one of the most inspiring spots for me to take pictures. I will go there on vacation once a year with my family and take thousands of pictures and usually only choose a handful from them. The pictures I choose for this are all from a point in Tennessee and North Carolina called Clingmans dome. Everytime I went there the clouds, the angles I took pictures at, and the sunset was always different. There were either a lot of clouds or none and the sunset was either a pink and purple sky or a bright red and orange one.

The reason I take pictures is to express myself while also inspiring others to pursue a career in something they love just as much as I love photography. Photography is meant to invoke feelings that relates with the picture and the time it was taken. It’s meant to capture a moment you can always remember and look at, but can never get back again. Remembering, changing, and creating is why I do art. I remember memories from the pictures I take. I change the images I took by making montages or something unimaginable. I create to pur- sue a passion of mine and push my limits so I can learn more and become better than I was the day before.