Lauren Rosenberg

Lauren RosenbergAs a traveler, the ability to capture the rawness of a place, and a moment in time, has given me a profound passion for photography. I enjoy exploring isolated areas and viewing them from different angles. By expressing my creativity through the lens, I have learned to see things from different perspectives.

Raised by very artistic parents, I grew up surrounded by various forms of art. Whether it is a painting or a photograph, nearly every wall in my house is covered with art. My mom is a graphic designer. She was the Art Director for Vogue Patterns Magazine; there, she would work closely with fashion photographers to concept and capture how she wanted the photographs to appear. Additionally, my father’s occupation does not include a form of art, but he still has a strong appreciation for photography and takes photos for pleasure. Both my mom and my dad’s passion for art, specifically photography, has definitely had an impact on me. Throughout elementary school and middle school I took art classes, but I was always seeking more. When I started high school, I was given the opportunity to take any art class I wanted. Freshman year I took Creative Photography 1 with Mrs. Kleban. She taught me the basic skills I needed for editing and taking great photos, which I still carry with me today. The following year, I had Mrs. Gioioso for Creative Photography 2 where I learned about different forms and elements of photography. Now, I am currently enrolled in AP Studio Art/Photography with Mrs. Brown. She is teaching me how to take photos from different angles and how to make the images more intriguing. I am fortunate to have had three different perspectives and approaches to photography, where from each teacher I learned different things. Next year I am taking an Independent Study in photography to continue building upon my skills and ideas. I plan to major in Business- Marketing in college, which would combine both my interests in business and in art. Additionally, to be a good artist, it is extremely helpful to be able to market oneself well.

I developed a strong passion for taking photos of landscapes because I enjoy being surrounded by nature. I am fortunate to have traveled to many countries since I was very young. While some people may love seeing cities and famous sites, I enjoy visiting places with few tourists, and more natural elements of beauty. This way, I believe I can get a better feel for that moment in time without any manipulation.The various paths I photographed guide the eye in a direction that seems endless, leaving it up to the viewer to interpret it in their own way. Each photograph sets a different tone and mood depicting that place in time. My passion for traveling and art has inspired me to photograph places from different angles, creating images with long depths of field.