Harris-Lee Rose

Harris-Lee RoseHarris-Lee Rose, American b. 1998 is a university student in New York City. In June 2019, without formal education or lessons in art he  felt an urge to paint. His paintings, which primarily focus on the Abstract and Expressionism, quickly became what he describes as an “outlet,” and “a therapeutic distraction from the real world.” His work has also been described as “hauntingly beautiful,” “soul-searching,” “vivid” and possessing “raw power.”

Harris-Lee has received early accolades, love and appreciation for his work by collectors, art enthusiasts, and folks who have since become more curious about art after they met him and/or saw his work. He has also privately sold original paintings, drawings, writings and commission work to collectors.  To date, his most memorable commission pieces were 48×60 Abstract paintings sold to a collector in Morristown, NJ.

Early September 2019, Harris-Lee was invited to participate in his first art exhibition at a gallery in London, England. The exhibition was a huge success and he has been commissioned for future projects with that same gallery and is also currently considering other gallery opportunities in London and Italy.

His goal is to one day have his work in the National Gallery and the Tate Modern Gallery, both in London as well as galleries in the USA.

“From This Night of Mine to a Wall of Yours” –Harris-Lee Rose