Diane Savona

Diane SavonaCeramic tablets preserved ancient knowledge.

My textile tablets preserve the history of communication.

These stories of burned libraries and buried books, information saved and evidence deleted are not pressed in clay, but embroidered in thread. This presentation on three-dimensional fabric tablets emphasizes the impermanence of knowledge. We may wish that facts were carved in stone, but our history is as fragile as delicate cloth.

The images are designed and printed with computer technology, but they are crafted completely by hand.

The tablet series is hand painted with thickened dyes, then hand embroidered. They are stretched over an upholstered composite material to create actual physical objects – tablets. As the series progressed, I began mounting the tablets on stacks of tightly stitched woolen cloth. This backing feels more authentic to the material origins.

The tapestry series is commercially printed, embroidered, and presented on layers of wool in a traditional tapestry style.