Nathan Zerrenner

Nathan Zerrenner Head shotMy name is Nate Zerrenner and I am currently going into my sophomore year at Morristown Beard. Photography has been my hobby for a couple of years now and I am interested in taking it to the next level.

There are two different themes within my work. I have a black and white theme and also a sky and water theme. While both of these
groupings are very different, to me each of their pictures have their own sense of self and tell a different story to each person who looks at them. I try to capture a moment that not only has a nice visual appearance but when someone observes the picture
and thinks about why they are aDracted to it, they find themselves mesmerized by the moment frozen in time. I believe that if a picture that forces someone to think about its structure draws them to feel a special connecGon to it. This attraction allows someone to have a connection to the work. For me this connection is why I enjoy photography, I can have a piece of work that has
personal meaning and that other people find fascinating and lost in its construction.

My personal favorite of this collection is the crashing wave, which I took on my phone while I was on vacation in Cape Cod. I especially like this picture because of its unique complexity. I enjoy how a dark shadow formed from the wave funnels to where the water is crashing. This dark path helps to enhance the crash point, making it the focal point of the image.