Carolyn Kleinman

Carolyn Kleinman Head ShotI graduated from college with a Fine Arts major in Advertising Design and Photography. Subsequently, I took a circuitous route into nursing and then a Masters in Counseling. However, I never regretted my art training, which enabled me to use a more developed sense of design and creativity in many aspects of my life.

A camera has always been with me–when I needed to escape and in my travels. I discovered encaustic at a random workshop in Colorado and got excited about all the possibilities the medium presented: a way to incorporate my photography with the beeswax and damar resin medium and the intense colors.

Many encaustic artists are painters, but my vision starts with my photographs. Sometimes it is difficult to overcome the dictates of the photograph, to think creatively beyond the image. Sometimes I have to paint over the photograph and then scrape back and see the picture differently. Sometimes it becomes a very different picture and it’s difficult to tell where it started. The image disappears and then re-emerges, sometimes abstractly. Occasionally, I create a collage with related pictures, adding paint, oil sticks, pan pastel, or ink. Encaustic, like photography, can be surprising, benefitting from happy accidents that take my photographs into new territory.

Combining the mediums of photography and encaustic enhances each piece and enables me to create final products with a more personal perspective and vision.

This exhibit is dedicated to my sister Sally who inspired me with her creative spirit.