Delia Quigley

Having studied the ancient scriptures, and the spiritual works of countless teachers, I have lived a committed practice guided by the Eight Limbs of Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation for the past thirty-five years. At the age of sixty-three I changed my life to deeper explore my artistic calling. In doing so, I was inspired to bring my training, and experience together in a series of photo images based on the ancient form of the Mandala.

DIVINE MANDALAS: Your Journey Within

The word Mandala (pronunciation mon-dah-lah) means “circle.” A Mandala symbolizes the unbroken circle that is a diagram of the infinite universe extending outside of and within our body-mind. You will find the Mandala image in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family, and communities.

The Divine Mandala exhibit is an interactive installation designed to inquire into your deeper Self, and experience how Mandalas can play an important part in your everyday life. The images on view are taken from the set of 90 Mandala cards initially created by Delia, that, when consulted, assist the individual in clarifying, resolving, and better understanding life’s pressing issues. The Mandala cards remind you that in any situation there are always Actions you can take, Challenges to overcome, and the inherent human qualities, or Tools, that assist us in overcoming these difficult times. Come and let your consciousness be expanded.

The Divine Mandala’s were created by layering photo images with high vibrational qualities: flowers, water, sky, earth, laughter, animals, friends, family, youth, joy, and love, to name a few. They speak to you as a unique individual. When choosing a Mandala for your space consider how it will inspire you to grow, evolve, and Be in the world.

DELIA QUIGLEY is a professional photographer, writer, and Photo Artist. She is the author of ten books on yoga, meditation, and healthful living. Following 35 years as a Yoga practitioner, nutritional counselor, and macrobiotic chef, Delia has returned to living full-time as a creative artist.

Currently, Delia is developing a unique system of Mandala images that assist the inquiry as to what it means to be Human. She is also completing a book collection of songs, poems, and stories, Lifting The Veil, Human ~ Nature, to be published in 2019.

Delia accepts commissions to have a personal Mandala created for yourself or loved one.