Meghan Moyer

Meghan MoyerI am a photographer who never feels better than when I have a travel plan, a plane ticket, and a camera in hand. I’ve always been curious, ready to explore, and ever since my father made the mistake of handing me his canon 35 mm camera on vacation one year, I’ve added photography to my adventures. I’ve visited numerous cities in 30 different countries and haven’t found the same street, or heartbeat yet. I enjoy nothing more than documenting my days, wherever I am by creating an image to tuck away. It’s my way of trying to steal the present for the future.

Over the years I have kept myself busy with many jobs, sometimes I actually think I do better when things are hectic, however, photography has always been a vacation from the chaos. When I bring my camera up to capture a little corner of the world I want to keep, I get a respite from my long laundry list of stressors and get to take control of the world around me, as I see it. Each image shown today is from just one moment spent taking time to stop, look up, slow down, and breathe.

This show is a collection of doors and windows from near and far, each with its own personality and beauty. Whether it’s a bright façade or a seaside weathered door that catches your eye, nothing excites me more than being able to bring them together to be seen next to each other as neighbors. For I believe wholeheartedly that there is more that connects us than separates us. Learning, exploring, and digesting different cultures is sure way to extinguish ignorance through a process that simultaneously allows you to learn about yourself.  

For me the power lies in knowing that each day there is a chance to make a connection and shape the world around you, even if just a little bit. I find hope in that, and personally, I want nothing more than to take its picture! I am in love with people I haven’t met yet, side streets I haven’t snuck down, and doors I haven’t walked through.