Offering a Turn-Key Exhibition FOR RENT:

70 South Gallery is not only a gallery located in Morristown, NJ. We are also a gallery that allows other galleries, event spaces, corporations, and private residences to experience our curated work through a “rent an exhibit” program.

We have selected our Spirit. (Peace Corps) Exhibition as a completely turn-key, all-inclusive exhibit, available for rent.

This memorable poignant and turn-key exhibition will provide you with…

  • A unique opportunity to have your viewers or guests connect with a globally recognized organization
  • Engaging images that people of all ages will want to stay and enjoy
  • The opportunity to leverage the collection for increased awareness and media coverage in your market
  • Save you time and money from having to curate and produce an exhibit of this caliber, with marketing and PR support, on your own

Why RENT the Spirit. Exhibition?

Spirit. is a compelling, poignant human interest collection curated to showcase the stories of the Peace Corps Volunteers. These images – both black-and-white and vibrant color – beautifully showcase the spirit and relationships formed by 15 Peace Corps Volunteers during their tours of service, spanning from 1962 to present day.

Leveraging the well-known and global Peace Corps brand is a unique opportunity. Our turn-key solution consists of:

  • Over 120 printed images, already mounted in acrylic easy-to-install formats
  • Access to over 200,000 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers that have served since 1962
  • Bio sheet and gallery labels for each featured photographer describing the country and years in which they served to help explain to viewers of exhibition what the image is about
  • Access to the partnership with the Peace Corps and National Peace Corps Association to offer Peace Corps Discovery Days, which is a comprehensive program to have local schools visit your space, if appropriate
  • A sample PR release for your local market

View the Video About this Rent-able Exhibit