Sarah E. Taylor


Photographer’s Name: Sarah E. Taylor

Current Home State: Euless, Texas

Name of Photo: School

Country of Image Pictured: Zambia

Year Photo Was Taken: 2011-2013


After giving a health presentation at my local school, I walked outside and noticed all of the younger grades writing in the sand. While observing their lesson on the alphabet the teacher informed me that due to lack of school supplies it was common to practice writing with the resources that they had.  At first I was saddened that these children did not have enough supplies to write “properly”. They needed paper and pencils so they could write at their desks!  Then they would learn, graduate, go to college and get a wonderful job…This was often my naive thinking but looking back, I admire their resourcefulness and realize the blessing that these children had to be able to obtain an education.

There were many things during my service that I considered sad or unfair when observing from the outside. Once I altered my paradigm over time and drew a deeper understanding, I realized that most of the people I encountered were not sad or felt that their lives were unfair; they were happy and thankful for what they had.  Even if it was just sand.

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