70 South GalleryOur History

70 South Gallery was started with a passion—and a need.

By age four, 70 South Gallery’s Owner, Ted Baldanzi, had found his passion for photography. He excitedly followed his Dad around as he took picture after picture with what was, in 1948, a revolutionary technology and camera…the Polaroid. That camera brought the miracle of instant photography as well as instant gratification to the world, and specifically, to Ted.

He was shortly given a Brownie Hawkeye, a Duraflex, and a Brownie Flash. As he and technology grew, Ted graduated from a Brownie to his father’s Exakta 35 mm, then onto SLRs and then the ever expanding digital world. Following in his father’s footsteps, he unfailingly purchased every new piece of technology that dealt with photography and film.

Ted a tireless photographer—taking snaps of his three children and cousins and their many events. After all, it was part of his photographic DNA…he just had to keep snapping. He soon also became an acolyte of VHS video, buying a very early two piece Panasonic. This confirmed that photography and video were to be forever part of his life.

Ted has photographed and video-taped local school events, plays, and sports for the past 20 years. For almost 70 years, he has been sharing his special gift of passing on what his eyes and heart saw and felt…capturing moments to pass on to future generations.

As technology evolved, Ted understood both the need to preserve the years of photography and video into secure and durable formats. He realized that simply using and storing digital images on hard drives and digital card and cameras would not stand the test of time.

If you are like Ted and most people, capturing memories is only part of your objective. The other part is preserving those memories and creating a legacy you can pass along to your family and loved ones for generations to come.

Like Ted, we all have video camera cassettes and cartridges we can no longer play, albums and shoeboxes full of old photographs from parents that are not digitized, special family pictures that we know we should have enlarged, framed, made into canvas or other large format, memory books to be created from special events—but we just don’t know where or how to start—not to mention the time it takes.

That is one important reason Ted created 70 South Gallery. Centrally located in the heart of Morristown, New Jersey, we bring the best of both worlds together for our customers—professional, hands-on, personal attention with a breadth and depth of product and service offerings:

  • A local, in-person venue where you can get expert and personal attention and service for all of your photography and video needs —while supporting your local community in the process.
  • Today, there are many behemoth and faceless websites that claim to offer services to create and expertly print your photo memories. 70 South Gallery does not believe that is enough. People need experts that can work directly with them to answer questions and provide guidance and best practices on difficult or complex projects. We do not subject our customers to doing business through email or chat sessions with unknown, uncaring or off-shore personnel.
  • No matter what size, style or execution, your project will be completed with the highest level of service, attention to detail and quality.

Another goal Ted set for 70 South Gallery was to foster the love of photography among young people. He has continuously encouraged and helped students become involved in the craft. Whether helping many seek careers in photography and its various branches, to having their work showcased outside the schools, Ted has always been an advocate for photography, and the young. His passion has helped so many see, feel and capture their own special moments.

70 South Gallery is staffed with photographers, and technicians who have only one goal in mind: provide each customer with a high touch experience. From professional photographers who want to showcase their work, to parents and family members who would like quality prints or photographs printed quickly and easily, our staff possess the knowledge and passion to provide that assistance.

We encourage students of all ages and expertise to explore their passion for photography. We wholeheartedly support our local schools, community and organizations through teaching and shared events.

In-store, at our full-service center or our self-service kiosks, you can work with our friendly, supportive staff of experienced photographers, creative talent and technical staff, to customize and order your photos, prints or projects in endless sizes and formats. We are here to collaborate with you to ensure that all of your photographs and prints are beautifully produced and preserved.

You can also use our website to easily upload, edit and order your pictures from home.